The DMT Xperience Podcast

Mitch Schultz (Documentary Filmmaker) DMT: The Spirit Molecule

August 19, 2019

Mitch Schultz is the Director, Producer, and Filmmaker of the documentary film DMT: The Spirit Molecule (2009).

In this episode we discuss Mitch's experience creating the documentary film DMT: The Spirit Molecule, his paranormal experiences throughout his life leading up to his discovery of dimethyltryptamine, quantum physics, artificial intelligence, religion, spirituality, DNA, entity encounters, and much more!  I hope you enjoy this really fun conversation as much as I did.



Mitch Schultz website- 

DMT: The Spirit Molecule documentary-

Book by Blake C. Erickson- "The Forbidden Fruit & The Tree of Knowledge: Opening the Third Eye"-

Music by ZencesTry-